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These 6 1962 storm photos were given to the site by Dave Townsend. The first 3 are bay views, the others are towards Whale Beach

This photo was given to the site by John Motter. It is of a beachfront Whale Beach house

Sixteen more '62 storm photos. These were given to us by Loretta Panunto
First, looking south through Whale beach. Then some Whale Beach houses.


Pink beachfront house in Whale Beach. Look at the twin beds in the 2nd photo


It's hard to see in this photo but way in the background on the left side is the Dolphin Motel when it use to be beachfront.

First photo shows a house that use to stand beachfront on the end of Sumner (photo is looking north) On the left edge you can see just a tiny bit of the concrete house that has now become the beachfront house, after this one was removed.
The next photo was taken from the other side of that house, now you are looking south down the beack. The collapsed house use to stand at the end of Tecumseh. Click image for larger view.


The next 2 photos show beachfront houses that use to stand were the sand dunes are now. They are at the beach between Williams, Winthrop and Seacliff.


Beach between Winthrop & Seacliff. You can see the Coast Guard tower on the point in the background. Click image for closer view.


Back view of the house that stands on the end of Seacliff, across the street from the beach. Much of the sand was washed out, exposing barriers and pilons.





Two views of the corner beach house somehow still standing, and you can see some of the Spanish style house next door in the 1st photo.



The arial below was taken after the storm

Whale Beach & Sea Isle Storm Photos

The Weather Channnel - see their Ash Wednesday Storm story

Strathmere Home

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