Strathmere's 2008 Independence Day Parade
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Now let's run over to Bayview and watch it all again!

Some more shots of the classic cars -

Motorized Floats -
1st Prize - Toto - Dietz Family
2nd Prize - Life/Liberty - Yeash/Geiser
Honorable mentions - Out of Strathmere - Fox Family, Cat and the Hat - SFEC, Pioneers - Reader Family.

Wagons & Hand Pulled Floats -
1st Prize - Shhh! - Roland Family
2nd Prize - UTBP New Rescue Toy - Fox
Honorable Mentions - Let's Go Phillies - Green, Pirate Tax Collection - Gras, Texas Loves Strathmere - Rowbatham

Mixed Walkers -
1st Prize - Lost Alota at Borgata - Scharwz-Buckman
2nd Prize - Stars & Stripes Forever - Stephenson
Honorable Mentions - Strathmere Summer Olympics - Gregory/Franks, Phlossing Phanatic - Cummings Family, Strathmere's Got Talent - DuBois

Adult Walkers -
1st Prize - Sandwich Box - Eric Weeks
2nd Prize - Uncle Sam - Mike Wall

Coaches & Strollers -
1st Prize - Wild Horses - Coopers & Fureys
2nd Prize - Elmo for President - White Family
Honorable Mentions - God Bless America - Coffey

Bikes, Trikes & Scooters -
1st Prize - Little Americans - Tara Mangano
2nd Prize - Putnam Patriots
Honorable Mentions - Lauren Tate, Lauren Montgomery, Shayne Alexander, Makenzie Friend, Santori Family

Thank you to the Strathmere Fire Department who sponsor, fund, obtain permits and keep this parade moving!

Thank you to Horace Lorrillier and the Strathmere Church for the wonderful patriotic music. To the volunteer registrars and judges, and to Lynda Brown and her family and staff at the Deauville for their hospitality and hot dogs!

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