Strathmere's 2010 Independence Day Parade
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See the winner's lists Here and Here
Thanks go out to:
Registration: Nancy Field, Judy Hollinger, Mary Welker and Bill Tierney
Children’s Give-aways: Gina Zeccardi and MaryAnn Omrod
Sales: Kay Higgenbotham and Marion Ingram
Judging: Wendy Buckland, Beth Roland, Joan DiFiore, Susan and Peter Prinsen, Alice and Jim March, Mary Schmelzer, Sophia Wisniewski and Joyce and Len Wilson
We also want to thank the SIA for sponsoring and funding the parade, Bruce Riordan and the Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company for permitting and traffic control, Horace Lorrillier and the Strathmere Church for the patriotic music prior to the parade, Lynda Brown and the staff at the Deauville for their hospitality, refreshments and hotdogs, Uncle Bill's for providing breakfast for all the firemen in the parade, and finally our thanks to all who participated especially the children! They made it a neat day.

Thanks also to Kate Weaver for many of the post-parade Deauville pictures.
Ken and Jessica Weaver - Chairmen, Fourth of July Parade

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