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This is a great collection of photos that belong to Margie Walsh. Her longtime friend Lydia Osborne Cox scanned and sent the photos to be used on the website.

Lydia Osborne Cox says - "I have a great fondness for the little town. My grandmother bought the house at 22 E. Seaview and her sister had the house next door built, (14 E. Seaview). Lydia B. Hodge and Charles Hodge bought the house when I was little and I can only remember bits and pieces. I remember a thunder storm that had me hiding under a bed. Lightening came down outside the living room window and almost struck the ground. Was told if it had, it would have made a sand stone.
We learned to swim and fish in Strathmere. I remember walking on the train trestle to fish. It was 1945 and 1946 that I remember the most. There were about 40 kids that would swim the bay across to the island, fish from the bridge at night, march up and down the streets having a ball singing at the top of our lungs. We had more fun in a town that had only a grocery store, post office, church, gas station, Coast Guard station and boat docks. Maybe once during the summer we would go to Ocean City or Sea Isle for entertainment. We made our own. We lived in the water and around it, and came out to eat and sleep only. Those were the days."

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